What better way to express the unique qualities and traits of a state with custom apparel designed and hand-made by it’s own residents. MD Spirit embraces Maryland’s loud and unique colorful flag that was originally designated to represent English heraldry, along with other positive features of the popular place that many call home. Maryland is known for crabs, beer, and football, but within it’s history, it represents the joining of two sides, across one line, and under one nation. Using this knowledge, we have created dozens of apparel items to assist Maryland residents with showing their spirit and representing this state. Clever designs encompass the famous land marks, sports, monuments, wildlife, and cityscapes that make Maryland beautiful. Baltimore, being Maryland’s most populated city, has an infinite amount of characteristics that are perfect for representation of pride and integrity. For hundreds of years, Maryland has been expressed by it’s wonderful individuality and symbolism, we would like to continue that tradition, with a new flare and creativity.